Here is why sanitation is important

With Corona Virus present, engaging preventative measures will deliver Health, Wellbeing & a Safer working environment.

The current situation we find ourselves in at this moment affects all of us as a group, community & above all our society. The best way to protect our way of life as we traverse each day is to embrace the new normal.

Your decision to engage a reputable supplier, one with the knowledge, the track record, the commitment to deliver a safer working space for your colleagues & friends is paramount getting back to work safely.

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Sanitisation in your workplace

Your workplace - when you engage the services of our fully trained management & cleaning staff we will, minimise the risk to pathogens harming you & your colleagues. Our cv19 step by step deep cleaning process will deliver a sanitised workplace for you.
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Sanitisation by fogging

Fogging your workplace - fog your office, warehouse, factories & high traffic areas using the latest equipment with fogging agents to ensure a thorough deep clean.
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Transport sanitisation

Sanitisatised travelling - for the corporate & public traveller, have your public buses, age care shuttle buses, ambulance fleets or company vehicles sanitised by our service professionals ensuring a safer travel experience.
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Yes. We will email your office manager detailed documents prior to & upon completion outlining the work procedures, chemicals SDS sheets, the guidelines for completing the work including (equipment, utilities disposal procedures). We recommend you file this document to demonstrate safety compliance & assurances that protocols are in place to achieve the bast possible outcome for your employees & visitors safety.

To ensure compliance & create confidence amount your colleagues we can discuss a package that works best for your business.

Please call 1300 076 757 and we will be happy to assist you with a detailed quotation.

We will deliver the best possible sanitisation services as per the known protocols. These methods are current to date procedures & are found to be effective in controlling virus-based diseases. We are unable to guarantee as there are factors that remain beyond our control. But we will do our best to ensure you are satisfied with our services.  

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To Summarise

We are a progressive Cleaning Service supplier with the ability to deliver quality outcomes at all workplaces no matter the size or the geographical location. 

During these challenging times of course we are here to support all our current client base & also foster new & emerging relationships.

Should you feel that it may be time to reset & or re-evaluate your current arrangement then please visit our website & see how we may move towards developing a working relationship.

Thank you!

Greg Stadler
General Manger

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