Why you should ask your commercial cleaner about pest control

pest control

The cleanliness of your commercial space plays a big role in the success of your business. Messy desks, overflowing bins and stained carpets won’t only hinder your employees’ productivity levels, they can also leave a bad impression on stakeholders and potential customers.

While ensuring surfaces are sanitised, restrooms are disinfected and the rubbish is disposed of thoughtfully is common practice, there’s one part o commercial cleaning that is often overlooked:


Pest control.


Introducing periodical pest control into your commercial cleaning routine is the most effective way to guarantee your space isn’t suddenly overrun with cockroaches, wasps, rodents or other unwanted creepy crawlies.


The truth is, if you allow even a few small pests to get cosy in your premises, you risk tarnishing your business reputation or worse …. shutting your doors!


Of course, that doesn’t mean you should whip out the bug zapper and sandalwood sticks – pest management is a hazardous activity and it should always be handled by a professional.


If you don’t think your current commercial cleaner offers this service, GSI has experts on call to help. We partner with some of the largest pest control specialists in Australia and provide effective solutions for businesses of all sizes.


Need a little more background? In this article, we’ll consider what you risk by not including pest management in your commercial cleaning package.


But first, let’s break down what pest control even is.

What is commercial pest control?

The definition of “pest control” is as follows:


A system of integrated preventive and corrective measures to reduce or prevent pests from causing significant harm to humans or the environment.


In other words, pest control is the act of removing of eliminating creatures such as flies, termites, cockroaches, pigeons or spiders from your premises. It is an extremely important practice because these unwelcome critters aren’t only carriers of harmful diseases, they can also wreak havoc in your commercial space.


Electrical damage? Rats or mice could be to blame.


Blister is your wood flooring? It may be termites.


Cobwebs covering every corner of your office? Hello, spider infestation.


If you don’t think these types of situations happen in Australia, think again. In April 2023, a rat plague devastated local businesses in Sydney’s Olympic Park in the weeks leading up to the Royal Easter Show. Many local restaurants lost trade, with residents avoiding eating out.


Even if you’re no in the hospitality industry, this is unlikely a scenario you’d want to find yourself in. Which is why investing in a tailored pest control plan is essential.

How do i know when i need pest control?

One of the best ways to avoid unwanted guests like moths or bees setting up camp in your premises is to be vigilant about your cleaning. This means hiring a professional commercial cleaner to regularly attend to your space.


That being said, even the cleanest of businesses should know what to do when a pest situation arises. Today, almost every industry can face a unique set of pest management challenges. An a few small pests aren’t just annoying – they can make your staff sick, hinder how your clients see you and impact your bottom line.


So how can you tell if you have pests on site that need to be controlled or if you’re on the brink of an infestation?


A few signs to look out for include:


Odours – musky, potent smells could indicate pest urine or faeses. Getting an unexpected whiff of soy sauce? It might me cockroaches!


Droppings – noticing black, bean-like pellets around the place? This is usually a sign of rats. What about small, wood-coloured droppings? These are the tell-tale signs of termites. Other unexplained scatterings of faeces likely suggest pests are about.


Sounds – the pitter patter of tiny feet isn’t usually a welcome sound in a commercial environment. Scampering, scratching or squeaking noises are a common sign of pests like rodents, possums or birds.


Damage – bite marks on table legs, gnawed wires or an unexplained hole in the wall might signify that your premise is being frequented by unwanted pests.


If you’ve never had a pest issue before, having your commercial property inspected every year is a worthwhile idea. After all, it’s better to be safe than sorry.


However, if pests are something you’ve had to deal with in the past, you may require more frequent inspections.


Either way, it’s best to speak with a professional to devise a management plan that’s suitable for you and your business.

Best practices for pest control

At GSI Cleaning, we understand that each customer has unique pest control needs. This is why we always conduct an extensive inspection of our clients’ premises before compiling a commercial pest control program that meets their specific requirements.


We take great pride in developing discreet and cost-effective pest control for business that can be applied to any type of business environment.


When we arrive to complete the pest control, we won’t necessarily ask you and your staff to exit your property, but we will request that you clear as much space for us a possible so that we can do our job safely, with little obstacle or interference.


We may need you to remove furniture, appliances or other items so that we can get to the infested areas and treat accordingly. Don’t worry – we will always advise you ahead of time about any actions we’ll need you to take!

Contact us today to book in pest control service

The presence of vermin can be a major headache for businesses of all sizes. Not only can pests like fleas, mice and ticks spread disease, they can also cause irreparable damage to your property (not to mention your reputation!).


To get on the front foot, we recommend having a professional pest management team conduct annual inspections of you property, and more frequently if you have had problems with pests in the past.


If your current commercial cleaning team doesn’t provide such a service, GSI has the skills, experience and equipment to treat and control all sorts of pests and infestations Australia-wide, including:

  •  Ants
  • Bedbugs
  • Cockroaches
  • Flies
  • Fruit flies
  • Fleas
  • Mosquitos
  • Rodents
  • Silverfish
  • Spiders
  • Termites
  • Ticks
  • Wasps
We also have the knowhow to service bars, cafes, restaurants, office environments, gyms and more.

To discuss your options or to request a quote, contact us now by phoning 1300 076 757 or clicking here.

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