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Does clutter make it harder for you to focus? You’re not alone. Messy working environments have been proven to kill productivity faster than a quick scroll through your phone (and we all know it’s a slippery slope after those first five minutes). If you’re an employer or business manager seeking the best out o your team members, providing a hygienic and clean workplace is one of the simplest ways to boost morale, minimise distractions and increase efficiency.

Why? Because your staff will spend less time searching for important documents or shuffling papers around and more time actioning the task at hand. There’s more positives, too. Clean working conditions will reduce the spread of harmful bacteria, diminishing the threat of illnesses and employee sick days.

Hiring a professional commercial cleaning service is suddenly sounding like a great idea, right? If you’re still on the fence, stick with us. In this article, we’re diving deep on the five ways a clean workplace can boost productivity for you and your team.

1. A clean workplace will reduce illness and sick days

Here’s a fun fact for your next trivia night: most office desks are home to more than 10 million bacteria. Which is about 400 times more than a toilet seat.


All in all, a clean workplace doesn’t just look better, it can quash nasty germs and keep sickness at bay. The truth is, an ill employee can be seriously detrimental to your business. People fronting up to work while sick not only adds to the spread of disease, it can impact your bottom line through lost productivity.

After all, no one’s on top of their game when they turn up to work a little under the weather, are they? Of course, those that do the smart thing and stay home come with a hefty fee as well. In fact, absenteeism is estimated to cost Aussie companies a whopping $7 billion a year.

Fortunately, an environment that’s regularly sanitised is an effective way to prevent the spread of infection. Which means your staff will stay safe, healthy and, most importantly, working to the best of their abilities.

2. It will also improve air quality

In 2021 the WHO revised its global air quality guidelines, recognising air pollution as “the single biggest environmental threat to human health”.

So yes, the air quality in your workspace matters, even if it isn’t something you regularly discuss around the boardroom table.

Studies suggest that the indoor air quality can significantly impact employee output. What’s more it can positively (or negatively) contribute to the way clients, stakeholders or other visitors interpret your workspace.

Quite simply, having a clean workplace means that dust, debris and other pollutants are kept to a minimum. This decreases the chances of contaminants becoming airborne, which can leave your staff drowsy, distracted and dodging their duties.

In short, if you operate out of an office environment – or any workspace for that matter –  the air quality is paramount for productivity, and ensuring your workspace is clean and tidy is one of the easiest ways to keep airflow healthy.

3. A clean workplace can increase organisation

What’s that saying? When our environment is a mess, so are we.

Maybe it’s just a turn of phrase we throw around at the GSI office, but there’s definitely some truth to it.

Having takeaway containers littered atop desks, used coffee cups piled high in the kitchen sink and rubbish bins overflowing with yesterday’s (and the day before that’s) snack attacks, aren’t just a breeding ground for germs – they can pull focus from the tasks that need to get done.

The same goes for strewn paperwork, tangled cords and unfiled documents. This type of clutter isn’t helping anyone in your team keep on top of their duties!

When your space is well-organised, there are fewer distractions for your brain. Which means you and your colleagues will be more productive, resulting in better output and quality of work.

4. It will boost employee morale

Do you find that you’re in a better mood when you look around your workplace and see vacuumed carpets, a spotless bench top and orderly desks? Your employees probably do too.

Mess and grime don’t make for happy teammates, which is why it’s so important to keep your premises clean. Giving your staff an hygienic, safe and comfortable work environment won’t only reduce the spread of germs, it will boost morale. This will lead to greater productivity, enabling your business to run more effectively and efficiently.

5. It will reduce workplace stress

It’s no secret that work can be stressful sometimes. But demanding clients, looming deadlines and a computer that keeps crashing are far more bearable in a workplace that is clean and tidy.

Removing clutter, mould and debris will create a more welcoming environment for your staff and reduce feelings of anxiety, stress and overwhelm.

Stress can cause your employees to drop the ball on their tasks, or worse, burn out completely. It can also lead to shifts in personality, causing them to become withdrawn or disinterested, which can negatively impact the productivity of your company.

Has the case for a clean workplace been made?

We hope we’ve managed to convince you, but let’s recap those reasons just to be safe.

A clean workplace won’t only improve the way your environment looks, it also has the potential to boost productivity by:

So if you’ve been toying with the idea of hiring an expert commercial cleaning service, take this as a sign to book a no obligations consultation with GSI Cleaning today.

We provide commercial cleaning services Australia-wide, no matter what industry you work in, and we are dedicated to providing the best solutions possible.

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