5 things to consider when choosing a commercial cleaning company

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As a business owner, it’s of the outmost importance to establish a workplace that is sanitised and safe. Between flu season, COVID, and the wide range of common germs that can live on surfaces, the overall cleanliness of you business is paramount. Not just for you and your employees – but for anyone who frequents your premises.

One of the best ways to keep everyone healthy is to have your property cleaned by a professional commercial cleaning company. Of course, choosing the right team can be quite a task and if you’re not clear on what you should be looking for, it can be tricky to pinpoint who’s right for the job.


So in the post, we’re sharing exactly what to look for when choosing a commercial cleaning company. From their experience to the type of licenses they hold, this advice will help you make your decision with ease.


Read on to learn the top four factors to consider before hiring a cleaning to disinfect your workspace.

1. A commercial cleaning company must be service oriented

When preparing to hire a cleaner for your business, one of the first things to look for is a team that is service orientated. This means a company that is passionate about what they do.


The most sought after cleaners are those that become part of your workspace ecosystem – they build strong relationships with you and your staff, they are reliable, friendly and complete each task to the best of their ability (bonus points if done with enthusiasm and an infectious smile!).


This is something we pride ourselves on at GSI. We are dedicated to our customers and committed to maintaining a high standards of service every time we enter your premises.


What’s more, we are not just meticulous cleaners – we’re excellent communicators, too. We’ll keep your needs top of mind at all times and we will always work with you to provide the most appropriate cleaning and maintenance program for your space.


Perhaps most importantly, we guarantee seamless integration of our services into your workplace with no disruptions to your business operations.

2. Seek out a company that is experienced and knows what they're doing

As will all industries, experience is everything. Commercial cleaning is no exception. This means that you should engage a company that has rich expertise in commercial cleaning specifically – not domestic cleaning or laundry services (although, you may work with a company that specialises in these services too – and that’s ok. Just make sure commercial cleaning is something they’re also competent in).


Selecting a team that has extensive experience cleaning commercial premises – such as offices, restaurants or gyms – will ensure your receive the best service possible.


Before hiring, be sure to ask how long the company has been operating for and the types of businesses they’re used to cleaning. Don’t be shy about asking for their client list too. Any reputable commercial cleaning company will be happy to share this with you and will even provide referees on request.


Here’s how GSI might answer these questions if you were considering hiring us:


How long have you been operating for?


2023 marks our 33rd year in the cleaning industry


What types of business are you used to cleaning?


We work with commercial businesses of all forms – from retails stores to construction sites and office environments. Our services include regular cleaning such as sanitising restrooms, disinfecting desks and removing rubbish, and periodic services like pest control and upholstery cleaning.


Can you be more specific with the types of client you work with?


Of course. We work with the Woolworths Group, Samsung and Chemist Warehouse to name a few. But we also service smaller businesses too – no job is too big o too small for our team.

3. A reputable commercial cleaning company will have a team of valued employees

They say employees make or break business success and this rings true at GSI.


While some commercial cleaning companies rely on contractors to get the job done, we have a dedicated team of professionals on staff who aren’t just committed to our company, they’re committed to our clients too.


We believe this is what sets us apart in the industry. We also believe it is a key factor to consider before hiring a commercial cleaning team for your business.


When a commercial cleaning company outsources their team, you’re likely to have a different cleaner attend to your premises every visit. No only will this squash our confidence in the service, you’ll never be able to establish a relationship with your cleaner. Plus, the disconnect between the company and the employees can cause major communication issues – and your premises will be caught in the crossfire.


When you work with GSI, you can have peace of mind knowing that your premises will be cleaned by the same employee or employees. They’ll get to know your workspace inside out, so you’ll always receive the best service.

4. Make sure they have all the correct licenses and insurance

Our last tip is definitely something not to brush over: always look for a commercial cleaning company that has all the correct licensing and insurance. All cleaning businesses are subject to certain legal requirements in Australia – those that don’t follow the rules are bad news.


Public liability insurance is essential as it won’t protect the cleaning company but also your business if someone is injured during the course of work.


Workers compensation is also critical as this covers the cleaners if they are injured while attending to your workplace.


It’s ok to ask any commercial cleaners you are screening about the types of insurance and licenses they hold – in fact, it’s smart. For reference, these are what we hold at GSI:

  •  Public liability ($20 million)
  • Workers compensation
  • Police check and clearances
  • Valid worker Visa entitlements
  • Australian business owners
It is also worth noting that our entire staff are provided with proper Work Health & Safety induction training in conjunction with workplace laws.

5. Take time to choose the right commercial cleaner for your business

You have your employees’, your clients’ and your own health to think about after all!


So before hiring, ask about the type of insurance they carry, how experienced they are, whether they rely on contractors or employees to get the job done, and how passionate they are about their services.


If you’re curious to discover if GSI is the right team for your needs, we’re here to help!


Request a no obligations quote today or call us on 1300 076 757.

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